Hamilton at Pantages Theatre

Hamilton Tickets

The Hollywood Pantages Theatre

Hamilton is a pretty big musical deal! You've seen it all over the internet, now you can see it for yourself in the spring of 2022! What a perfect night you'll have in March! Hosted by Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles, California, 'the favorite place in town' say many visitors, and they're right according to perfect reviews! Friday 11th March 2022 you need to cancel anything you have on because word has it you'll be at Hamilton! To book your way into the musical, simply follow the booking link today! You'll be screaming for an encore!

It’s time to find out for yourself why Hamilton has be the HOT topic since it’s release! Here is some of the hard data: in 2016, Hamilton was nominated for 16 Tony Awards — setting a new record — and won 11, including best music. Since then it has won many other top awards, including the 2016 Grammy for best musical theatre album and the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. But what does that really mean? Well, it means that we get to experience the history of one of America’s founding fathers in a new modernized fast-paced way, that will captivatetake you from the first minute, and not let you go until the closing applause. Music, dance, performance, intelligent prose, to name a few, are all winning points recognized by avid theatre goers and non-experienced musical fans alike. This Friday 11th March 2022, no matter which group you belong to, don’t miss the chance of 2022 – to see Hamilton in Pantages Theatre. Get your ticketsnow!

Hamilton at Pantages Theatre

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